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My teaching experience consists of courses in Strategy and Managerial Economics, as well as PhD courses on Theories of the Firm. Over the years, my evaluations have been strong across the board, reaching 5/5 or equivalent in multiple classes.

These results are driven by an effective articulation of didactic concepts and a focus on current, evidence-based knowledge relevant to the improvement of professional practice. Content wise, my classes draw upon novel frameworks and recent developments in Strategy research to examine the different and far-reaching ways in which technology is shaping modern organizations. My approach is exemplified by the elective courses on “Scaling Digital Business” I personally developed. These courses draw on my research on “hyperscaling,” in which I formalize concepts from the world of technology, where venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and commentators often discuss the strategies of technology firms in terms of scaling laws. The “Scaling” courses are designed to convey the relevance of novel managerial ideas to students, who have thus far been receptive and enrolled to my classes in large numbers.


My teaching builds on principles of active learning, emphasizing class participation (typically, 20% of the students’ grade), deliberate practice during in-class exercises, and hands-on learning on projects designed in collaboration with companies. I believe that this method helps students develop as critical practitioners.


In what follows, I report the evaluations and selected student comments for the courses I taught.


Scaling Digital Firms, Bachelor and Master

“I especially liked the case studies and the practical approach that comes with them”

“The professor taught the subject matter well and made class very interesting. The course was the best course for this quarter”

“The group activities were nice. They allowed us to prepare better for the final project. It was also good to see the winning presentation and look at what the professor thought was great work. That really helped. One other point is that the professor cares about feedback and was really trying to accommodate everyone” (Selected student comments, Fall 2020)

  • 2020 Fall – Two sessions: 2.0, 1.9 (equivalent to 4.2/5)

Theories of the Firm, PhD

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your experience, expertise and wisdom with us in one of my favorite classes I’ve had to date. I learned a lot of things from your wonderful lessons in the class, your approach, and your attitude; you are really an inspiration and it was a pleasure to be in this class and receive your feedbacks. I enjoyed every minute of your lecture as well as your marvelous sense of humor and I am looking forward to use what I learned from you” (Selected student comment, Spring 2020)

  • 2015 Fall – One Session at SKEMA: 100% (equivalent to 5/5)

  • 2016 Fall – One Session at SKEMA: 100% (equivalent to 5/5)

  • 2017 Fall – One Session at SKEMA: 100% (equivalent to 5/5)

  • 2018 Spring – One Session at Frankfurt School: 1.25 (equivalent to 4.8/5)

  • 2019 Spring – One Session at Frankfurt School: 2.17 (equivalent to 4/5)

  • 2020 Spring – One Session at Frankfurt School. 1.0 (equivalent to 5/5)

Strategy, Master

“Definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had. You were able to connect with us students on a level that goes beyond academics and feeds into our social and personal lives, this connection made me more interested in the material you were teaching.” (Selected student comment, Spring 2016)

  • 2016 Spring – One Session at SKEMA: 100% (equivalent to 5/5)

  • 2017 Fall – Four Session at SKEMA: 100%, 97%, 96%, 92% (average equivalent to 4.81/5)


Advanced Strategy, Master

“I really appreciate how you consistently corrected us when we asserted things which, though logical enough on their face, are subtly wrong when you really think about them. [..] You demanded correctness. That’s what teachers should do” (Selected student comment, Fall 2017)

  • 2016 Spring – Four Session at SKEMA: 100%, 90%, 85%, 84% (average equivalent to 4.48/5)

  • 2017 Fall – Four Session at SKEMA: 100%, 97%, 96%, 90% (average equivalent to 4.78/5)


Strategy, MBA

“I very much enjoyed Prof. Gigi's teaching style. He is very well read and researched in this subject matter. He had very high expectations of his students both academically and on our professionalism. He gave constant feedback and also pushed us to do our best. He is someone you can definitely learn from” (Selected student comment, Spring 2019)

  • 2019 Spring – One Session at Frankfurt School: 1.32 (equivalent to 4.73/5)

Managerial Economics, Master

“The teacher takes time to explain to students their mistakes and I liked it very much” (Selected student comment, Fall 2017)

  • 2017 Spring – One Session at SKEMA: 83% (equivalent to 4.15/5)

  • 2017 Fall – One Session at SKEMA: 83% (equivalent to 4.15/5)

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